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Our specialist personal injury lawyers have a wealth of experience in acting for clients in bringing a wide variety of accident compensation claims – every year we are successful in securing millions of pounds for clients who have been injured in accidents that were not their fault.

No matter how complex or lengthy your case, each of our clients is assured an attentive personal service designed around your best interests and future financial security – our top priority is to ensure funding is available promptly for your most appropriate treatment, therapy and rehabilitation needs.

Over the years we have helped many injured clients and their families cope with new, stressful and extremely challenging circumstances – you will find a few examples summarised on this page.

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After sustaining a severe brain injury at the age of 19, Mr A suffered a personality change and became prone to angry outbursts to the extent that his family were unable to cope with his behaviour. The success of our personal injury team, assisted by our independent healthcare-trained case manager and rehabilitation team, enabled Mr A to move into rented accommodation with 24-hour support. Now able to pursue new interests and fill his days constructively, he became much happier in himself and his quality of life – and that of his family – improved greatly as a result.

At the age of 35, Mr B sustained a brain injury in a road traffic accident that left him plagued by blurred and double vision. Too visually impaired to be able to enjoy his passion for riding motorbikes, the compensation and support package successfully secured by our personal injury team included provision for him to purchase and, assisted by a friend, to renovate a classic motorcycle. Remaining actively involved with motorcycling was a vital part of Mr B’s rehabilitation, helping him rebuild his skills and regain confidence.

Mr C suffered devastating brain injury in a road traffic accident at the age of 23 and, suffering mental health problems as a result, he was admitted to a mental healthcare facility. Working closely with Mr C’s family, our personal injury team successfully arranged the appropriate rehabilitation and ongoing support he needed, and were able to secure his discharge from hospital, restoring his quality of life and helping him rebuild his confidence.

A paralysed man in his 20s, Mr D had a vision for the design of his post-accident home: now disabled, he wanted a good living space with a through-floor lift and a substantial garden. Most importantly of all, however, he wished for a full-size American pool table. The compensation settlement successfully achieved by our personal injury team helped Mr D realise his vision: we obtained a substantial sum to purchase, adapt, and equip a spacious property, including the all-important American pool table – an important symbol of his determination to make the best of his new life.

Following a road traffic accident Mr E, a married man with young children, sustained brain injury resulting in personality change. As well as supporting Mr E through the rehabilitation process, helping him come to terms with the enduring consequences of his head injuries, our personal injury team was also able to help his wife. By putting in place specialist psychological support that helped her cope with her husband’s changed behaviour, we facilitated a significant and essential improvement in the quality of home life for the whole family.

Cyclist Mr F was knocked off his bicycle at speed by a car whose driver pulled out without looking. He sustained an incomplete spinal injury plus a subtle brain injury – he was able to live and function independently with some support. Once full liability was admitted, our personal injury team was able to settle at a round-table meeting without the need for court proceedings, achieving an award of £1 million. As the case progressed, we secured a series of substantial interim payments to fund Mr F’s rehabilitation, therapies, specialised equipment, a new car and the professional support of a case manager and support worker.

Although Mr G had the right of way while cycling around a roundabout, he was knocked off his bicycle by the driver of a van, receiving a blow to his head that left him with no recollection of the accident. He also sustained a serious shoulder injury and although he made a good recovery and was able to live and work more-or-less normally, the potential for future deterioration remained. The van’s insurer denied liability throughout the case, while independent witnesses gave unhelpful, conflicting evidence. However, the investigating police officer gave vital evidence which allowed our personal injury team to establish 100 per cent liability. Our personal injury team was able to obtain an interim payment as Mr G’s claim progressed and secured an out-of-court award of £75,000.

Our client Mr H, a motorcyclist in his 50s, sustained knee and hip fractures in a road accident and was unfit to return to his job in a workshop as a result. Our personal injury team obtained an early admission of liability as well as interim payments to assist him financially and to provide rehabilitation to help him achieve maximum independence. We settled Mr H’s claim for £420,000 without the need for court proceedings, ensuring his future financial security.

If you would like to learn more about how George Ide’s highly-respected personal injury team can help you, a loved one, or the whole family, contact us by clicking on the link or writing to us in confidence at info@georgeide.co.uk. You can also call our Chichester offices on 01243 786668 or contact our specialists directly.


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