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Outcomes for George Ide personal injury claimants

At George Ide we recognise that no amount of compensation can turn back the clock and return a claimant to their pre-accident state of health. However, over the years, our personal injury claim solicitors have worked with many seriously injured people, helping them, and their families, to overcome the most challenging circumstances.

We understand that a severe accident can cause many emotional and psychological difficulties, as well as physical injury, and we have forged strong relationships with a range of health care professionals who help us support our claimants during extensive rehabilitation programmes which we organise as part of our claims service.

Below are the details of a number of cases which show how the personal injury claim team at George Ide can help.

George Ide – always on your side

Mr AB sustained a severe brain injury when he was 19. He suffered personality change, with outbursts of anger, and his family could not cope with his behaviour. Using the services of a case manager, and rehabilitation and support team, we enabled A to move into a rented house with 24 hour support. He was then able to pursue new interests, fill his days constructively, and become much happier in himself. His family saw the benefits, and the positive changes in A as well, and family life became far more settled as a result.

Mr BC, a brain injured 35-year-old, suffered with blurred and double vision and was unable to pursue his passion of riding motorbikes following his road accident. However, as part of the rehabilitation and support package obtained through the legal claim, George Ide were able to pay for him to be assisted by a friend to purchase and renovate a classic motorcycle, so that he could continue to be actively involved with motorbikes, and rebuild his skills and confidence.

Mr CD suffered devastating brain injury as a 23-year-old, following a road accident. He then went on to suffer mental health problems and was admitted to a mental healthcare facility. By working closely with CD’s family we were able to secure his discharge from hospital, set up rehabilitation and support, and help C rebuild his confidence and quality of life.

Mr DE, a paralysed man in his 20s, had a vision for his post-accident home to be adapted for his disability. He wanted it to be spacious, to have a substantial garden, to have a through-floor lift, and, most importantly of all, he wished for a full size American pool table. We were able to help deliver D’s vision through the compensation claim; obtaining a sum to purchase, adapt and equip a substantial and spacious home. When we visited him following settlement of the claim, the first thing we saw was the enormous pool table, taking centre-stage, a clear “statement” on D’s part, that he was determined to maximise his quality of life and enjoy life to the full in his new home.

Mr EF, a married man with young children, sustained personality change from brain injury, following a road accident. As well as supporting E through the rehabilitation process, helping him come to terms with the enduring consequences of head injury, we were also able to put in place specialist psychological support for his wife, to help her cope with her husband’s changed behaviour, and to improve the quality of home and family life for all concerned, including the couple’s children.