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Agricultural accident at work claims

Every year in the UK, between 40 and 50 agricultural workers sustain a fatal personal injury in an accident at work – many more suffer life-changing or serious injuries. In the event that either you or a close family member has sustained injury in a farm accident that you believe to have been caused by the actions of an employer, contact our team today for information about your legal choices.

Farm safety

Agriculture accounts for less than two percent of the UK workforce yet is behind nearly twenty percent of all fatal workplace injuries. All employers have a duty to provide workers with adequate safety training, risk assessments and personal protective equipment, any failure in any of these areas that leads to worker injury is almost certain to result in liability for an accident at work compensation claim.

Falls from height

UK farms, from Sussex to Strathclyde, involve a range of height at work. From fruit picking to ladder-related jobs and other work at elevation, employers have a duty to abide by the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Farm vehicle accidents

Farms frequently have a range of potentially hazardous vehicles on-site, from tractors, forklifts and harvesters to quad-bikes and 4WDs. If vehicles collide, roll, malfunction or strike pedestrians and cause injury, those affected may be entitled to compensation.

Machinery accidents

There is a great deal of specialist machinery on farms in the UK, from loaders and excavators to scissor lifts, silos, slurry stores and spearheads. If you have sustained crush injury, amputation injury or other in a machinery-related agricultural accident at work, you may be entitled to receive compensation.

Agricultural industrial diseases

Workers on farms may be at risk from a range of exposure-related industrial diseases. Potentially compensable illnesses and conditions include the following:









Accident at work claims with George Ide LLP

George Ide’s accident at work litigation service extends to including independent healthcare-trained case managers who will assess the treatment and rehabilitation needs in the most serious and life-changing cases of injury. Where necessary and possible we will secure interim payment at the earliest opportunity.

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