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Recognising the life changes caused by brain injury

The struggles caused by brain injury cannot be underestimated – even a relatively mild brain injury can be life-changing and can have a major impact not just on the individual who sustained the injury but his or her family as well.

From short-term memory loss and fatigue, to profound personal and psychological changes, there is no aspect of person’s life and personality that is immune from the traumatic effects of a brain injury.

Many of those close to head trauma sufferers are heard to remark that the injury has left their loved one a “different person”, and although this is not necessarily an accurate remark, it might often feel this way. The adjustments those affected must make require time, patience, determination and, importantly, money.

Changes in lifestyle

From the very first second of any given day, the consequences of brain injury might be obvious. From difficulty in using the toilet to problems getting dressed and preparing breakfast, every aspect of a brain injury victim’s capability must be considered.

For example, some individuals who have suffered brain damage might develop incontinence, lose basic manual dexterity, or develop memory problems so that even basic tasks such as remembering to turn off a gas hob become difficult.

But it is not only these practical matters that become problematic. Brain injury can also have a huge impact on a person’s social life. Socialising can become difficult as those affected can lose the ability to manage their social diaries, suffer depression, and experience worrying mood swings, while others might become shut off and unapproachable to those who once considered themselves to be their nearest and dearest.

The effects of memory loss might also mean that those affected are no longer able to recall the formative memories that underpin their personal relationships – it can be a very distressing experience.

Even those that appear to be “untouched” by their brain injury could hide serious personality and behavioural changes that are noticed only by those who work or live with them most closely.

This can be greatly upsetting for partners who are left to wonder if the man or woman they married is any longer there.

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