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Thousands of people suffer personal injury in non-fault accidents every year in the UK, and George Ide’s team of expert solicitors strives to help every deserving claimant who contacts us. Each case is different, some injuries can be relatively minor, but certain types of accidents can cause catastrophic and life-changing injuries. The claims for such cases can be complex and claimants require the specialist services of solicitors who have a proven track record in the field of serious injury claims. At George Ide our team of serious injury solicitors in Sussex treat every client with compassion, avoid the use of legal jargon, and always negotiate the maximum settlement possible. In cases where we are representing someone who has suffered a serious injury, we are aware that the first priority must be to provide them with immediate care. As such, we always aim to obtain interim payments so they can receive treatment and rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Serious injury solicitors, Sussex-based

When someone sustains a serious personal injury it can not only devastate their life, but their family’s life too. Family members might be forced to become carers to their loved one, household finances may suffer due to loss of income, and day-to-day life can become extremely stressful. We believe that anyone who has been left suffering long-term health problems due to another party’s negligent actions should be able to receive compensation which will support them financially. Private treatment, physiotherapy sessions, gym memberships, and other recovery care can be organised to facilitate a claimant’s fullest possible recovery.

George Ide LLP for serious injury claims

If you would like to make a claim after having suffered a serious injury, George Ide’s solicitors in Sussex could help you wherever you are based in the UK. You may also make a claim on behalf of a loved one if they are unable to do so themselves. However the injury was sustained – in the workplace, on the road, on holiday, in hospital – you may be eligible to claim compensation from the person, group, organisation or company liable for the accident which caused you or your family member harm. To find out more about how we have helped claimants who have sustained serious injuries why not read through some of our personal injury solicitors’ case studies by clicking here. To get in touch with us please browse the solicitor profiles to find direct contact information or phone our Chichester offices on 01243 786 668. If you are unable to come to our offices to speak with us about your claim due to mobility problems, we will be happy to organise a home or hospital visit at your convenience to discuss the legal process.