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Hard-fought claim results in £500,000 damages award

Sensitive case handling encourages car crash victim to undertake treatment

Our client was injured when the car in which she was travelling, driven by her husband, was involved in a high-speed road traffic accident.

The incident

Our client and her young son were passengers in a car driven by her husband when it was involved in a high-speed road traffic collision with the defendant’s vehicle – ultimately liability was not an issue.

She sustained multiple pelvic injuries, a wound to her forehead that left visible scarring, a closed head injury and dental damage. She also developed post-traumatic epilepsy that came to be well-controlled by medication. Initially in a high-dependency hospital unit, for several months after her discharge she was wheelchair bound and severely traumatised by her experience – she continued to struggle acutely with social isolation as a result of the effects of her brain injury. The situation was further complicated by the fact that her husband was also injured and traumatised and their young son, although thankfully not physically injured, was also traumatised.

The injury claim

The George Ide team worked with a healthcare-trained case manager to identify what adaptations should be made to the family’s home as well as the treatment and rehabilitation required by our client and liaised closely with the defendant’s insurers to secure sufficient funding to achieve the necessary level of ongoing care.

After years of gentle encouragement and support from our team, who tirelessly sought the right mix of language therapists, psychologists and neuropsychologists, our client was gradually able to tackle a cluster of troubling neurological impairments – she was eventually able to drive again and she engaged a ‘buddy’, reducing the strain of providing day-to-day care that had previously fallen on her husband’s shoulders.

The outcome

Ultimately, the defendant’s legal experts were unable to dispute the cause of our client’s condition and, despite a certain pressure from the defendant’s team for our client to accept a lower offer, at a joint settlement meeting we achieved £500,000, a sum with which our client and her husband were delighted.

Although our client was not working at the time of the accident, we were able to build a good case regarding the progression of her career; a substantial contributing factor to the success of this case was the strong bank of lay witness evidence we were able to gather from family and friends.

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