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Car accident claim case study – Change of solicitors

The circumstances

Miss R suffered significant personal injuries in a car accident when her vehicle was badly damaged. She was directed to her Legal Expense Insurers’ solicitors who, despite her significant injury, sent her for a GP examination report within six weeks of the accident.

The Claimant had suffered a significant injury to her jaw with painful “clicking” on both sides when her mouth opened.

An initial offer of £2,500 from the third party insurers was notified to the client but the solicitors felt they could not advise on the offer because there was no medical report, even though they had been in possession of the GP medical report for some time.

The Claimant had suffered a poor quality of service, with difficulty in communicating with her original solicitors, and subsequently transferred the papers to George Ide LLP.

The claim

Upon receipt of the papers it was clear that medical reports had been received from a Consultant Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon in addition to the GP report.

These reports suggested a potential permanent injury unless surgery was undertaken. Miss R had been provided with an advice on quantum which only referred to the latest report from the surgeon and made no mention of the other physical injuries suffered and recorded by the GP.

The advice recommended settlement of the claim for personal injuries in a sum of £5 – 6,000.

Following George Ide LLP taking over the claim an updated report was obtained, following a further MRI Scan, and an indication of the likely cost of surgery was notified. This resulted in settlement of the car accident claim at a figure of £12,500.


From an initial settlement offer of £2,500, followed by an advice figure of £5-6000 from our client’s previous solicitor, the personal injury team helped Miss R to receive a final settlement sum increased by a further £6,500.

The department at George Ide ensured thorough investigation into all relevant medical reports and was able to argue the case for an increased settlement sum to be paid by the third party insurers.


Miss R details her experience and the reasons why she felt it necessary to change her claims solicitors.
“I was involved in a road accident and appointed a traffic accident claims solicitor under my legal protection cover on my motor insurance. My claims solicitors just didn’t want to fight my claim and were hard to get in contact with. I was offered £5,000, which I was recommended to take.  I decided to change solicitors as soon as I could.

This is when I was introduced to George Ide.

From the first meeting, Mr Garry Sleet was friendly, approachable and professional with many years of experience behind him.  He has been in constant communication with me throughout the claim and I was kept well informed of all progress as it happened.

Today I received a cheque for £12,500.

I am so happy and can’t thank him enough for everything he has done.”