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Motorcyclist awarded £500,000 accident compensation

Successful injury claim offers Polish-speaking factory employee a valuable new start

We acted for a Polish-speaking motorcyclist who sustained significant injuries when he was struck by a vehicle undertaking a U-turn.

The incident

Our client, a UK-resident factory worker originally from Poland, was struck by a U-turning vehicle and sustained multiple injuries including subtle brain injury, psychiatric and psychological damage including depression, loss of identity and relationship issues, a wrist injury requiring remedial metalwork, and vertigo secondary to his head injury.

Understandably, he found the legal process daunting and throughout his claim it was vital to ensure good, open communication with the help and support of professional translators. Despite his instinctive lack of confidence in others, especially professionals, our team – led by Paul Fretwell – developed a good rapport with our client that was built on mutual trust and respect.

The injury claim

Liability was resolved at a relatively early stage in the case and we were then able to focus on producing a complex body of evidence to show the full extent of our client’s plight by understanding his personal and work history as well as his attitude and resultant mental state including worrying signs of paranoia. Indeed, the bulk of our reports showed he was a very badly damaged and traumatised man whose multiple serious injuries and consequent mental illness had turned his life upside down. A sensitive approach was essential in order to allay concerns over potential discrimination issues, however we successfully obtained a range of supportive before-and-after statements from family, friends and former employers that painted a compelling picture of a life transformed.

Working closely with an independent healthcare-trained case manager, Paul achieved very substantial interim payments in order to provide Polish-speaking psychological therapy and psychiatric treatment and we were able to set up and maintain a personal injury trust on our client’s behalf.

The outcome

With dedicated and determined effort, Paul and his team in consultation with our in-house employment law department achieved for our client a compensation award of £500,000 – an amount that represented five times an initial valuation.

Our success was helped by the bold case strategy advanced by Paul and by his ability to dig deeply and understand our Polish client’s cultural background, work ethic and male role ideal. Securing interim payments of more than £100,000 helped greatly to improve his quality of life throughout the lengthy claims process – crucial, however, was the strong bond of trust between Paul and his client.

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