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Lump-sum compensation achieved for paralysed road accident victim

Multi-million pound injury settlement for young man paralysed in traffic accident abroad

Our client was 25 years old when, following a road traffic accident abroad he was rendered paraplegic.

The incident

With an independent nature, our client and his close, loving family struggled to come to terms with the long-term consequences of this devastating injury and disability and were helped enormously by a particularly effective healthcare-trained case manager.

Hydrotherapy and the use of functional electrical stimulation equipment brought relief from troubling spasms – overall, it took a long time to develop a full and reliable picture of our client’s new future, especially in relation to his care needs. As so often, care was the main area of contention in this claim and the insight our client’s excellent case manager was invaluable in identifying his future care needs.

Also vital to securing an appropriate support package were our spinal injury specialists and care experts.

The injury claim

During the course of his claim, suitable accommodation was purchased and adapted to house our client and his family, while interim payments were sought and obtained to cover accommodation costs, to replace his lost earnings and to provide for case management and appropriate treatment.

With access to an adapted vehicle, our client was able to attend college, partly for therapeutic benefit and partly to enhance his prospects for a return to some sort of work at some point in the future.

Over time the George Ide team, led by Paul Fretwell, was able to develop a good rapport and working relationship with the defence solicitor that served our client well, particularly in the closing stages of negotiations.

We were also successful in advancing a claim for the future provision of fully-adapted accommodation, on the basis that our client would in due course move out of the family home to live independently with his own partner and children.

The outcome

Unusually for such a high value claim we settled this case for £3.62 million on a traditional lump sum basis – in this instance the significant compensation we were able to achieve offered our client the best possible outcome.

Throughout his case it was of paramount importance to our client that he was empowered first and foremost to live his life as fully as he could; his legal proceedings were therefore conducted as unobtrusively as possible.

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