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Successful compensation claim against untraced driver

Substantial compensation for life-changing injuries caused by untraced lorry driver

In this case we acted for a motorcyclist who suffered serious injury when his motorbike hit roadside crash barriers. The compensation claim was made against an untraced driver under a scheme run by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

The incident

Our client’s motorbike skidded from under him on a motorway slip road in an accident caused by an untraced lorry’s oil spillage. He sustained severe acquired brain injury, severe visual disturbance, depression and serious psychosocial issues – a result made all the more tragic when his wife suffered a life-threatening condition during the birth of the couple’s second child.

The injury claim

Our key focus in the case was to do everything possible to improve the personal, home and family life of our client and his family.

While our client clearly deserved a substantial damages award, his claim required careful handling in order to keep costs below the maximum recoverable amount set by the MIB under its untraced driver compensation scheme. To that end, we undertook meticulous cost benefit analyses at each stages of the process and endeavoured to keep our highly vulnerable client’s stress to a minimum.

We obtained detailed expert medical opinions that supported our client’s claim, and we secured were successful in securing very substantial interim payments into a bespoke personal injury trust set up and maintained by our investment specialists to fund his case management, rehabilitation, treatment and support, as well as the construction of a home extension – all of which contributed to our firm-wide efforts to help create the best possible family life for our client and his family despite the traumatic and challenging situation they were facing.

Throughout the case our team, led by Paul Fretwell, focussed on improving our client’s quality of life through top-quality case management, treatment and psychological therapy. We were able to arrange for him to undergo psychological therapy and eye surgery as a private patient at Moorfields Eye Hospital, while thorough and carefully prepared ‘before and after’ statements from family, friends, colleagues and former colleagues helped us paint a clear and accurate picture of our client’s lost career.

The outcome

This was an especially challenging case that required lateral thinking and a sensitive approach at what was an extremely tense and stressful time for our client, his wife, and their young family. Throughout the claim, which we successfully settled for £1.6 million, it was vital to keep focussed on our client’s best interests at all times and to achieve his best-possible outcome, enabling him to face the future with confidence.

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