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Cycling pensioner injured in road accident

Fit and active retiree recovers compensation after being knocked off her bicycle by turning vehicle

Our client, a fit and active retired woman in her 70’s, was knocked from her bicycle as she rode through a built up area.

The incident

This delightful fit and active retired lady was knocked from her bicycle as she was riding through a built up area in December 2016 in a collision that was caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV). Taken out by a turning vehicle whose driver failed to see her, she was not wearing a cycle helmet.

The injury claim

Liability for the accident was clear cut and no contributory negligence argument was pursued as the defendant realised cycle helmet research did not support any significant protective effect to the head or brain at speeds of more than 12 miles per hour. Our client sustained subtle brain injury in addition to ophthalmic and maxillofacial injuries.

The outcome

The defendant’s insurance company made an early six-figure offer in May 2017, which was accepted by our client who demonstrably had decision-making capacity. Accordingly, Paul Fretwell and his team respected her right to choose – she was clear in her own mind that she had made an excellent recovery and she wished to put this matter behind her as quickly as possible, and we succeeded in settling her case in May 2017.

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