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Student’s personal injury claim undervalued by insurer

In 2012 the Claimant M was one of a number of tenants in student accommodation. The accommodation had a broken window which had been pointed out to the landlord and the agents.

In the course of attempting to fit curtaining, the Claimant’s hand came in to contact with the broken glass causing a deep cut and all but complete laceration of the extensor tendon.

Surgery was undertaken to repair the tendon with three sutures. The finger was splinted for three months and 18 sessions of hand physiotherapy were required.

The landlord’s insurers offered the sum of £1,750 in settlement of the compensation claim based upon a General Practitioner’s report commissioned by the insurance company and stating that the offer was in line with current awards granted by the Courts.

M took the view that the offer was low and sought advice from George Ide LLP. George Ide arranged for a full medical report from a consultant hand and plastic surgeon and negotiated settlement of the claim at a figure of £3,000 based on speedy and good recovery from the personal injury.

Garry Sleet who handled the claim on behalf of George Ide, commented that this was an example of a low offer based on poor medical evidence as shown by the near doubling of the agreed damages figure. The insurers paid costs in addition and M received his damages in full.