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Successful damages claim for injured student

Expert handling of student’s broken glass injury claim almost doubles insurer’s compensation offer to £3,000

While living in shared student accommodation, our client sustained a nasty cut to the hand as he put curtains up in his new home.

The incident

Our client was one of a number of tenants housed in student accommodation in which there was a broken window that had been pointed out to both the landlord and the rental agents.

While he was attempting to fit curtaining our client’s hand came in to contact with the broken glass, which caused a deep cut and almost complete laceration of the extensor tendon.

He needed surgery and three sutures in order to repair the tendon; his finger was splinted for three months; and his recovery required 18 sessions of hand physiotherapy.

The injury claim

Our client was offered £1,750 by his landlord’s insurer. This amount was based on a doctor’s report commissioned by the insurance company, and offered as a compensation settlement deemed by the insurer to be in line with court awards current at that time.

However, our client felt the offer was disappointingly low and consulted George Ide’s personal injury team. We arranged for a consultant hand and plastic surgeon to submit a full medical report and, considering our client’s speedy and good recovery, we were able to negotiate a settlement of £3,000 – almost double the insurer’s original proposal.

The outcome

This claim, handled by Garry Sleet, shows the importance of good quality medical evidence in influencing a personal injury claim – poor medical evidence can open the door to an unrealistically low damages payment.

In this case, the landlord’s insurers paid our client’s costs in addition to the increased compensation and our client received his settlement in full.

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