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George Ide | Claims against conveyancing solicitors

The conveyancing market is diverse and competitive, sometimes bafflingly so. However, the duties of a conveyancing solicitor are usually very clear, and if the conveyancer breaches the duties owed to the client, it may be possible to proceed with a professional negligence claim against a conveyancing solicitor.

The process

In reality, professional negligence claims against conveyancing solicitors should be the option of last resort.

Contact the firm

The first thing you should do if you have a complaint against your conveyancing firm is to contact it directly. It should have an appointed individual who is charged with the task of handling and managing complaints, and, ideally, providing redress.

Make your position clear, in writing, or contact Citizen’s Advice or the Law Society, which can provide you with a standardised “resolution form” for your convenience. Once you have stated your position, your firm should ensure that it responds within 28 days.

The Law Society

All conveyancing firms fall under the governance of the Law Society, which has an ombudsman you can contact in the event of a dispute.

The ombudsman can hear and investigate the dispute and even make recommendations as to resolution. Although some cases can be resolved at this stage, not all complainants are successful with the process.

The Legal Services Ombudsman

Another option is to contact the Legal Services Ombudsman in order to make your complaint.

Council for Licensed Conveyancers

If the solicitor you instructed is a member of the Council of Licensed Conveyancers, you may be able to register a complaint with the body – however, its compensation scheme allows only for payments up to the value of £5,000.

Professional negligence lawyers on the South Coast

If you have suffered financial loss as the result of the negligent actions of a conveyancer, it may be in your interests to instruct George Ide LLP.

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