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Making a claim for professional negligence during residential conveyancing

When entering into a residential conveyancing contract (buying or selling a home) it is vital that a solicitor provides his or her client with timely, professional, and accurate services.

If a property lawyer fails in these basic principles of legal service, and the client suffers financial loss as a result, it may be possible to make a residential conveyancing professional negligence claim.

Basic errors and problems during the buying or selling of a property

There are a number of typical problems which can occur during the residential conveyancing process, these can include:

If any of the above lapses of professional service affect the value of the property or cause the buyer or seller to suffer financial loss through additional fees or costs, and these losses could have been avoided if the residential conveyancing solicitor had fulfilled their duty to the client in a competent and expected manner, then there may be grounds for a claim.

Professional conveyancing negligence claims with George Ide LLP

When a solicitor does not provide the professional service you would reasonably expect from a competent practitioner and it causes you to suffer quantifiable loss, George Ide can be on your side to help you reclaim your losses.

While we are always prepared to seek redress through the courts for acts of professional conveyancing negligence, we have a strong track record of securing amicable out-of-court settlements through mediation and negotiation.

We work with professionalism, clarity and conviction for our clients, and always strive to offer value for money and complete dedication to clients who need our help.

If you would like to find out about making a claim for negligent residential conveyancing with George Ide’s professional conveyancing negligence solicitor, Ian Oliver, please call Ian today. For more information, please click on Ian’s staff profile as featured on this page.