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George Ide solicitors for Wills in West Sussex can ensure legality in estate planning

When you decide to make a Will, your primary focus is likely to be on assessing your estate and then deciding who you allocate different assets and belongings to. However, to ensure your wishes are carried out after death the document must have been drafted clearly and must fulfil several legal formalities.

Here at George Ide, our solicitors for Wills in West Sussex can help create a legally binding document, whether you are in Chichester, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Midhurst, or further afield in Hampshire, East Sussex and into Surrey – we are here to help with an online service as well as our traditional one-to-one consultations.

Clarity is key for a binding Last Will and Testament

When drafting a Will one of the most important factors will be whether it is clear and unambiguous. A badly-worded Will has the potential to cause family disputes and unintended asset division. Disputes over Wills are not only emotionally stressful at an already difficult time for the family, but ultimately may mean lots of legal wrangling which can take time and the accrual of costs due to legal fees.

In order to ensure your estate is divided to your exact wishes clarity is key and George Ide’s experienced team of Wills, Probate and Trusts solicitors can help to ensure that your Will is drafted with care and accuracy.

Legal requirements for a valid Will

The legal requirements are fairly straightforward, so, if followed, there is usually no reason why an adult cannot draft a will. However, certain procedures must be followed.

The person making the Will (testator) must be over 18. There is no upper age-limit, although most solicitors for Wills would strongly advise clients to make a will sooner rather than later. However, the testator must be of sound mind when the Will, or any alteration (codicil), is made. “Of sound mind” means that the Testator understands what a Will is, who the people being included as beneficiaries are, and what their relationship to the testator is.

The person making the Will must not be put under pressure to draft the document – it has to be made under free will and of the testator’s own volition.

Finally, when the testator signs the Will it must be done in the presence of two independent witnesses who then sign the document – spouses cannot be witnesses to a Last Will and Testament if they are to inherit from the testator.

George Ide’s team of estate planning solicitors

Your Will is possibly the most important document you will ever write, so having the best advice possible is always a good idea.

Here at George Ide, our solicitors for Wills in West Sussex can ensure that nothing is left unchecked and that costly pitfalls, such as inheritance tax and family disputes, are avoided or mitigated.

For straightforward Wills we have an online service, which is quick, safe and can be completed entirely over the internet.

To speak to one of our Will specialists why not call our offices in Chichester today. Alternatively, click through to our staff profiles as featured on this page and you will find direct contact details and more information about the team.