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Solicitor in Chichester to help with specific gifts in Will writing

When someone decides to make a Will it is usually because they own something of value and wish it to be inherited by a specific beneficiary or beneficiaries. In most cases this will be a residential property and/or savings, but specific items can also be left in a Will such as individual pieces of jewellery, family heirlooms, shares in a business, etc.

Here at George Ide, we have a number of lawyers who specialise in writing wills, and giving astute legal advice on inheritance tax planning, as well as general estate planning. If you need a Wills solicitor in Chichester, the team at George Ide LLP are here to help.

Being specific in a Will

One of the most common set of terms in a Last Will and Testament will be where a testator leaves his or her property to be divided equally between children. Sometimes, specific gifts will be detailed such as a piece of furniture to go to the son, or an engagement ring to go to the daughter, perhaps, then the testator will, most commonly, require that residual wealth (anything belonging to the deceased after the house and individual items have been dispersed) be divided equally among the children / principal heirs.

In some cases, testators may wish for a gift to be made to a favourite charity, or a specific item, such as a cherished memento, be left to a friend or relative, and these are all specific gifts.

The executors of the estate (personal representatives appointed by the testator as part of the Will) will be charged with ensuring that these specific gifts are made before the residual wealth is divided.

Of course not all testators’ wishes will be as straightforward as the examples above and it may be that he or she wishes to give the majority, or all, of the estate to one child only, or to a particular relative, or non-familial beneficiary. In such cases, those who feel they had the right to inherit could attempt to contest the will.

George Ide’s solicitors are here to help

Here at George Ide in Chichester, our expert estate planning solicitors can help you produce a Will to ensure you have the best chance of having your wishes carried out after your death.

We can advise you on the specifics and legalities of estate planning utilising expertise which has been gathered over many years of acting in this field. We have helped many clients ensure that IHP is mitigated through proactive estate planning and we have ensured that our clients’ wishes are carried out to the letter, wherever possible.

Plus, if you feel the contents of a Will were made by a testator who was not of sound mind or was coerced into writing specific clauses, then speak to our Wills, Probate and Estate planning solicitors in Chichester for sound, and pragmatic advice regarding contesting a Will.

Based in West Sussex, George Ide’s Wills solicitors in Chichester can advise and represent clients from the local community and from further afield such as Havant, Midhurst, Littlehampton, Portsmouth and all over the South of England.

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