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Will solicitors in Chichester

As unsentimental as it might sound, personal family circumstances are prone to change – marriages sometimes end, cohabitees sometimes part, some children might become financially independent while others do not, friendships, even, occasionally run their course. A good wills solicitor can help ensure that your last will and testament accounts for these changes and is up to date so that upon death your wishes and relationships are reflected in your will, giving you peace of mind that your loved ones will be looked after once you have gone.

Why a wills solicitor? 

It would be easy to say that a wills solicitor is necessary simply because a will is one of the most important documents you will ever write, but that does not address the question of why it is better to engage the professional services of a solicitor than it is to write one yourself.

A will is legal document, one that has great import and power in people’s lives – mistakes, even seemingly tiny ones, can cause big problems and lead to lengthy and contentious disputes between friends and family members.

A well-written will should be unambiguous and offer clear directives about the future succession of an estate, including properties, investments, pension funds, artworks, jewellery and other assets.

Furthermore, a solicitor can also offer other services related to your will, such as safe and secure storage of the document – alternatively, this can be done with the High Court of Justice for a fee of £20.

Other roles of a wills solicitor

A specialist wills solicitor can help you plan in such a way as to minimise any inheritance tax liability on your estate.

The expertise and knowledge of a wills specialist can also help with negotiation of the sensitive and complex areas of trust creation and administration and arranging lasting powers of attorney.

George Ide LLP wills solicitors

George Ide’s specialist wills writing and advice team can help you ensure that your estate and assets are securely in the right hands, both before and after you have gone.

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