Road traffic accident claim success for biker

George Ide LLP recently concluded the settlement of a road traffic accident claim involving a motorcyclist who collided with a motor vehicle while it had been attempting to turn right into the entrance of a garden centre.

The motorcyclist approached George Ide because his insurance company's Panel Solicitors had indicated that there were no reasonable prospects of success in his case and had ceased acting for him.

The personal injury solicitors at George Ide LLP considered the relevant papers in relation to the road traffic accident claim and took the view that there was a reasonable prospect of success for the claimant.

Within a relatively short period of time George Ide successfully persuaded the third party insurers that their insured had been negligent in failing to look behind him, notwithstanding adverse independent witness evidence, and that a 50/50 settlement would be appropriate.

That settlement was agreed by the third party insurers and the claimant has now received a sum of compensation in excess of £6,000 on that basis.

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