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Probate services

By providing an efficient, tailored and expert wills and probate solicitor service, George Ide LLP can assist in securing fairness and peace of mind following bereavement.

Our probate solicitors ensure that estates are distributed in accordance with the express wishes of the deceased person’s will.

They also bring sensitivity, understanding and a wealth of legal and tax knowledge to cases in which a person has died intestate – without a will – as well as in cases in which wills are disputed or ambiguous.

We can also help you complete an application for Grant of Probate or in receiving Letters of Administration, as well as providing clear advice and guidance on issues of estate administration, settling liabilities and ensuring tax efficiency.

Above all, the team of probate solicitors at George Ide seeks to provide insightful, plain-English advice and assistance to bereaved friends and family at a time of loss and uncertainty.

If you would like to speak to one of George Ide’s experienced probate solicitors please call offices today. You can find out more about our team by clicking on the staff profiles featured on this page.

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