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Equestrian accident claims

Horse riding is a popular pastime for many adults and children in the Chichester area but, for a variety of reasons, the personal injury solicitors at George Ide LLP find they are often consulted about equestrian accident claims.

Because of the nature of riding, falling off a horse is a mishap which occurs to even the most experienced of riders and, of course, many accidents are just that or have been caused by the rider’s own actions.

However, accidents can occur due to the actions or neglect of others and in those circumstances the professional yet sympathetic approach of George Ide’s team can help resolve issues and achieve compensation, where appropriate.

The type of incidents which can lead to legal action include a road accident involving a vehicle, an injury caused by defective tack or equipment and problems stemming from poor supervision by a person providing a horse such as a girth being fastened incorrectly leading to a saddle slipping, a horse which is inappropriate for the rider’s skills or lack of planning in instruction or leadership of a hack.

Although all responsible riders wear an approved safety helmet to reduce the risk of a head injury should they fall off, these are not always adequate to fully protect from a brain injury. Skull or spinal fractures can lead to life-changing disabilities and other severe injuries may result from a horse riding accident, leading to pain, suffering and loss of earnings.

However you have been hurt, if it was not your fault the committed lawyers at George Ide LLP are on hand to advise you and your family and help with an equestrian accident claim.

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