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Brain Injury Claims Solicitors

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic head injury caused by the negligence of others you will almost certainly wish to instruct one of our brain injury solicitors who is experienced in pursuing brain injury claims. We believe you need look no further than George Ide for that purpose.

George Ide’s committed team of personal injury solicitors is highly experienced in this area and has acted in a large number of high-value claims where the awards have exceeded £1 million. It contains members of Headway which produces the brain injury association Personal Injury Solicitor list of leading law firms in the field of brain injury claims.

Brain injury can be caused by a multitude of situations ranging from road traffic accidents to oxygen deprivation at birth or a fall from height to a slip, trip and fall. Whilst some accidents will have less serious consequences leading perhaps to concussion, severe headaches and some cognitive problems such as memory loss, certain injuries, such as frontal lobe injury and diffuse axonal injury, will be extensive, causing long-lasting disability and often requiring a lifetime of care and support.

Whatever the cause of brain injury, treatment and rehabilitation are likely to take some time and there will be consequent suffering and loss of earnings for the claimant with the added negative impact on loved ones.

George Ide’s Brain Injury Solicitors Can Help

As your brain injury solicitors George Ide can arrange access to independent, healthcare-trained case managers where required who are able to assess and manage a client’s treatment and rehabilitation needs in the most timely manner possible. Our solicitors will negotiate the payment of funds from the at-fault party’s insurers where appropriate.

We are also able to help clients obtain specialist support in a number of areas including providing access to a benefits specialist who will make sure the client receives their full entitlement to state benefits while they are incapacitated.

With our extensive experience in the field of brain injury claims, as recognised by Chambers Legal Directory, we are able to call on expert professionals to give specialist assessment reports where necessary to assist our claimants’ cases.

Although a financial settlement cannot in itself restore the health of an accident victim, it is the case that timely rehabilitation, paid for by the insurers, will give the claimant the best possible chance of making a full recovery. At George Ide we take our responsibility to our clients, to obtain timely and suitable rehabilitation, seriously. At the end of the rehabilitation process we use our extensive expertise and experience to ensure that we gain full compensation for our clients.

We strive to ensure claimants receive funds at the earliest opportunity to pay for ongoing care, support or other needs such as housing, mobility and specialist equipment which are often required following brain injury.

Plus, as a full service law firm, our specialist team of legal professionals can help in the early days of a claim by acting as the client’s official deputy and by subsequently advising upon the investment of an award. We can also establish and administer a trust if necessary or required.

Once the claim has settled we can provide experienced and highly personalised investment advice to ensure the compensation needed to provide either on-going care or an income is protected and professionally managed.

We provide a proven and successful combination of sympathetic, personal attention allied to the highest professional standards. We have developed strong, lasting links to high-profile organisations such as Headway, both nationally and in West Sussex , BRAKE, the Brain Injury Group and the Injury Forum. George Ide LLP can help with all aspects of making a brain injury claim for you or a loved one.

To find out more about our service, please call our Chichester, West Sussex office. Alternatively, you can find out more about our team of brain injury solicitors by clicking on the solicitor profiles on the right of this page. We cover brain injury claims from Brighton to Portsmouth and throughout the UK.