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Claim compensation for catastrophic injury

“Catastrophic injury” is a term used by insurance companies and lawyers to refer to the most serious types of personal injury, such head, brain or spinal injuries and limb amputations. Typically, these injuries will have lifelong and traumatic impact and victims will generally require specialist treatment, rehabilitation, and care and support.

Compensation for catastrophic injury

Due to the fact that catastrophic injury will often result in reduced life expectancy, permanent disability, reduced capacity and a requirement for specialist medical care (often 24 hours a day), it is essential that those affected receive the full compensation they deserve.

The George Ide service

George Ide LLP is recognised as one of the UK’s leading personal injury solicitor firms. The head of our team has been described as “the best in the area for high value injury work” and we look to bring a leading legal service to our clients.

At the core of our service is the belief that achieving immediate care for the accident victim is paramount, while also striving to help dependants and those who may be suffering as a result of a loved-one’s absence from the family home.

Our independent case managers, usually nurses and occupational therapists, are available as soon as an injury victim instructs George Ide to thoroughly assess the healthcare and rehabilitation needs of catastrophic injury victims, so that our solicitors can negotiate payment of funds by the at-fault party’s insurers in as timely manner as possible.

George Ide can also help to arrange rehabilitation care to include, amongst other things, payment for private treatment, physiotherapist costs and gym memberships. We will also help clients to obtain support including providing access to a benefits specialist, and providing support and advice for work-related issues such as negotiating the payment of retraining costs or vocational rehabilitation.

The range of our work

We can help you claim maximum compensation for injuries sustained in a variety of incidents, including:

Furthermore, we can help you claim sums for a range of injuries, including:

Catastrophic injury claims with George Ide

As one of the leading personal injury legal firms in the south of England, George Ide LLP can help you secure the compensation you deserve for catastrophic injury and, in successful cases, our full services practice is also able to provide investment advice services for any damages award to protect your future financial security.

George Ide can be on your side after a catastrophic injury – and will act immediately and into the future to ensure the best outcome for clients.

For advice and support, please call our dedicated personal injury office in Chichester, West Sussex. Alternatively, find out more about the personal injury team by clicking on the staff profiles provided.