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Child accident claims

Most accidents are a normal part of childhood – it is part of the human process of growing, learning and finding our way in the world. However, when the negligence of another party, such as a school, driver, nursery or public body, results in a child sustaining serious and traumatic personal injury in a child accident, compensation may be payable.

Child accident claims with George Ide LLP

George Ide LLP is one of the UK’s leading personal injury solicitor firms.

Our service secures large sums in compensation each year for claimants who have suffered injury as a result of the negligence of others.

We ensure that a child accident claim brought on behalf of a child or baby is settled for the maximum amount of compensation possible.

We are able to pursue compensation for all manner of accidents involving children. Including:

Litigation friends

A litigation friend is the person who represents the child’s best interests in a personal injury claim. Usually this will be a parent or guardian, but in cases where the parent or guardian is being sued, another, independent party such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle, will act on the child’s behalf.

Claiming for an accident during your childhood

Once a child accident victim turns 18 it is still possible to claim for an accident suffered in childhood. However, due to the Statute of Limitations, the claimant has only three years from the date they turned 18 to pursue the claim.

Child accident victim care is our main aim

At George Ide LLP we believe that genuine claimants are entitled to a sensitive and quality legal service that is as stress-free as possible.

We realise that for many parents the care and wellbeing of their child is paramount, so our aim is always to ensure that the best treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing care is provided for all child accident victims and we will pursue this through the court system if necessary.

Further, where a damages payment is awarded, George Ide’s investment department is on hand to offer advice on the best way to invest an award to ensure your child’s future financial security.

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