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Injury at work Compensation claims

Personal injuries which require the pursuit of injury at work compensation usually occur when an employer, or his agent, has failed to organise a safe system of work – which may include inadequate training of employees, failure to maintain safe premises or where equipment suitable for the required task has not been issued.

Workers may suffer broken or amputated limbs from inadequately guarded machinery, burns or electrocution, falls from height, slips and trips, chemical spills or accidents involving vehicles.

A worker may also suffer work-related illness as a result of his or her employment, with the most serious being asbestos-related diseases. While, vibration white finger, noise-induced hearing loss, asthmas and some skin complaints are among conditions often caused by a lack of safety precautions by an employer.

Health & Safety in The Workplace

An employer is obliged to protect the health and safety of everyone who comes onto his premises, both employees and members of the public, and if he fails to do so he can be liable for prosecution, usually by the Health and Safety Executive or local government authority.

Some potential personal injury claimants are worried that they will lose their jobs by making a work-related accident claim but, apart from the fact all responsible employers have insurance to cover them for such eventualities, a further case of unfair dismissal could be brought against them should this happen.

Our personal injury legal teams at George Ide LLP have helped many people in Chichester and nationally who have suffered an injury at work and if you, or a loved one, are in a similar situation, you can be assured of a sympathetic, yet professional approach from our lawyers.

In the most serious cases, where injury is severe and/or life-changing, George Ide can provide a full compensation service to our clients – including independent healthcare-trained case managers who will assess the treatment and rehabilitation needs of an injury victim so that our personal injury solicitors may swiftly negotiate the payment of funds, through to investment advice services to ensure the best possible financial security in the future.

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