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Spinal injury solicitors

An accident which causes severe back damage can be life-changing for the victim and his or her family, a fact which the spinal injury solicitors at George Ide LLP recognise from both practical and financial aspects.

The most significant reason for someone suffering a catastrophic back injury is a fall from height, closely followed by road traffic accidents while some are suffered by sports participants.

In many cases, the accident will not be the fault of the victim but they will have to live with the consequences which are likely to involve a degree of disability and extensive medical treatment as well as loss of earnings and a diminished quality of life.

A spinal injury claimant who seeks advice from the personal injury lawyers at George Ide in Chichester will find a team with extensive experience of helping people from West Sussex and beyond who have suffered similar injuries, but have received the best possible compensation payments to ease the financial difficulties caused by sudden disablement.

We have a panel of medical and other professional experts on whom we can call for specialist reports and evidence in order to maximise a settlement and you can be assured that these high standards are complemented with a sympathetic and communicative approach to our clients and their needs.

Our independent, healthcare-trained case managers are on hand from day one, after our instruction, to assess and manage full comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programmes, while our solicitors negotiate payment funds from the at-fault party’s insurers in as swift a manner as possible.

Rehabilitation for spinal injury claimants may include private medical treatments, physiotherapy care and gym memberships, and our service offers full support in work-related matters such as claiming costs for any vocational retraining.

A spinal injury may mean adaptation of a home to accommodate a wheelchair and other practical measures to help the disabled person as well as payments for carers, which can be financed out of a justified payment of compensation.

Spinal injury solicitor specialists at George Ide

Combining service, sympathy and specialists, with George Ide as the personal injury solicitors on your side, you will have the best possible opportunity to make the most of life after your accident.

Partner Paul Fretwell leads the personal injury team in spinal injury claims. He prides himself on taking time to understand the impact a spinal injury is having on the claimant and their loved ones, particularly in relation to alterations in their quality of life and always acts with a view to securing funds for rehabilitation and full support so that claimants can quickly begin to rebuild their lives.

To contact us for free, confidential initial advice from our spinal injury solicitor team, please call our dedicated personal injury office in Chichester. Alternatively, you can find out more about our solicitors by clicking on our staff profiles.