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Personal injury law advice after a supermarket accident

Shopping is an every-day activity for millions of us, but there are a surprisingly-large number of instances of personal injury as a result of a shop or supermarket accident which are sufficiently serious for a call to be made to a compensation solicitor such as George Ide LLP.

Many of the incidents are a result of a slip, trip or fall on the store’s floor, which has become wet through rain, a freezer malfunction or inefficient cleaning. Dropped items such as fruit may lead to a slippery surface which should be dealt with immediately by staff.

Other injury to shoppers could be caused by goods which have not been balanced correctly on high shelves, loose signs falling to the ground or poor maintenance of the fitments or building leading to an accident. Automatic doors, escalators and lifts must be kept in good working order to minimise harm to users.

As with all buildings open to the public, as well as responsibility for the fabric of the building, management is also liable for any inappropriate or dangerous behaviour by a member of staff.

Sharp protruding objects in customer areas, damaged trolleys capable of harming users and accidents in the supermarket car park are other instances of potential injury for shoppers. Product liability claims may also be appropriate if a bought item has lead to the customer suffering injury or illness such as food poisoning.

Our personal injury legal team, based in Chichester, is happy to advise on all potential damages cases relating to shop and supermarket accidents, whenever they have been caused by the actions or neglect of another person or organisation.

Customer satisfaction is important to everyone at George Ide LLP and you can be sure that with us at your side you have no need to shop around for the best personal injury solicitors.

To find out about our specialist supermarket accident service, please call our dedicated personal injury office in Chichester. Or, if you would like to find out more about our team, please click on our solicitor profiles.We cover Sussex, London and the main cities of Hampshire, including Southampton and Portsmouth.