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Dog bite compensation claim advice

Dogs are wonderful companions, pets and working animals but, unfortunately, it is in their nature to occasionally attack people and if this has happened to you or a loved one you may wish to consult a George Ide LLP personal injury solicitor with regard to making a dog bite compensation claim.

Even if not classified as a dangerous dog, regardless of breed, any dog may present a risk to a delivery worker, such as a postman, or member of the public in an open area and the consequences of such an attack can be quite traumatic for the victim, perhaps leading to plastic surgery.

Although medical attention should be sought immediately after an incident, it is also important to obtain as much information as possible about the dog and the person responsible for it before leaving the scene. The police and neighbourhood dog warden, if there is one, should be consulted where the dog does not appear to have an owner.

Dog Bite Claims

It is not always easy to claim compensation for a dog bite because the owner or handler is only likely to be deemed liable if they knew the dog had a history of aggressive behaviour and were not sufficiently careful to ensure it did not present a danger to anyone in the vicinity.

Dog bite incidents are no more prevalent in the Chichester area than elsewhere, but they do occur, often being a work-related injury. Anyone who has suffered an attack can be assured of sympathetic, yet professional attention from all members of the legal team at George Ide.

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