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Escaped animal claims

Cows, sheep, pigs and horses which normally live on farms can sometimes get out from their enclosures and cause a risk to road users, and others. Any such accident may then see an escaped animal claim being sought, a situation with which George Ide LLP personal injury solicitors can help.

Anyone who owns livestock has an obligation to keep them safe and unlikely to cause a road traffic accident involving members of the public. An animal may behave unpredictably when away from its usual environment, causing it to lash out or run into a vehicle, leading to a car crash.

A farmer is responsible for maintaining fences, hedges and walls to restrain his animals from straying and, if he has neglected to do so, a victim of a car accident, either a driver or a passenger, could sue him for lack of care.

This could also be true of a horse owner who allows his or her animals to roam free from their field or stables, causing problems on adjacent roads. Horses can be particularly nervous when confronted with vehicles or pedestrians so can often cause an accident.

Smaller animals or birds, chickens or ducks, are less likely to prove a hazard when escaping from confinement but could still be a serious distraction to road users not expecting to be confronted by them.

In a rural area such as West Sussex, around Chichester, motorists may come across deer in the road but, as these are wild creatures with no one responsible for them, it is unlikely that a personal injury compensation case could be brought against anyone if an accident occurred.

Establishing the responsibility for accidents involving escaped animals may be quite challenging, but if you have suffered through an incident which was not your fault, you can rely on the helpful professional legal team at George Ide LLP to do their best to achieve justified recompense for your injuries.

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