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Slip and trip compensation for pain and losses

A slip, trip or fall is something which happens to us all from time to time but if you have been unfortunate enough to suffer serious injury as a result of such an incident and believe it has occurred because of the actions or neglect of another person or organisation, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

A poorly maintained surface, an unexpected obstacle or slippery surface which causes you to lose your footing could lead to hospital treatment for broken bones, a back injury or whiplash.

The personal injury team of George Ide LLP understands that what to an outsider might seem to be merely a trivial incident can be extremely upsetting, painful and debilitating for the slip and trip victim, and can have serious financial implications if the sufferer is unable to work for a time or otherwise incurs loss.

We have been able to help many people in the Chichester area who have consulted us about such accidents and won damages settlements for them.

Our experienced solicitors will be at your side throughout all legal proceedings. They will explain everything in plain English and offer free initial legal advice on whether your slip and trip may be actionable.

For more details about George Ide LLP’s personal injury services, including slip and trip accidents, please call our West Sussex offices. Alternatively, to find out more about our team of personal injury solicitors, please click on the profiles provided on the right.