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Claiming compensation for accidents abroad

At George Ide we know that not all accidents happen at home.

Over the years our team has built up a wealth of experience in dealing with personal and catastrophic injury claims on behalf of UK nationals whose accidents occurred abroad, as well as for clients with a non-UK background who were injured in the UK.

We have particular expertise in assisting British and foreign nationals who have been injured in European Union countries – courts in the UK are able to deal with claims arising from accidents elsewhere in the EU providing the claimant is habitually resident within the UK.

Our courts can apply the laws of Germany or Poland, for example, to determine a foreign insurer’s liability to pay compensation in the UK – as was the case with a recent George Ide client who sustained a brain injury at a Belgian factory. We pursued this claim through the High Court in London where we were able to settle after negotiations with the factory’s Belgian and UK insurers.

Why choose us for your compensation claim?

Our specialist personal injury lawyers take real pride in helping and supporting clients as individuals, providing a compassionate, effective and professional service – no matter where they call home, or in which language. We have access to efficient and accurate translation and interpretation services and can call on a full range of rehabilitation experts and treatment professionals who also have foreign language skills.

We can also act for claimants whose accident abroad was caused by the fault of a British employer, individual, organisation or business. Often under these circumstances a claim can be brought in the UK, under the jurisdiction of English law. British car or coach passengers injured seriously whilst travelling abroad may be entitled to make a claim in the UK – under English law – if the accident was caused by a British driver.

Our experience sets us apart

At George Ide we work closely with barristers who have particular expertise in foreign law and cross-border jurisdiction, and we have first-class access to lawyers throughout Europe and beyond, upon whom we can call for advice on various points of law, liability, and compensation.

Complex international legal claims can hold pitfalls and unpleasant surprises for the unwary so it is vital when considering this type of claim to consult a lawyer with sufficient specialist knowledge and experience. Our team can offer considered, careful and comprehensive advice to help you choose where best to take your claim to court – and we are on your side every step of the way, supporting your choices with our expertise.

For more information about compensation for accidents abroad or claiming in the UK as a non-British national, contact us today. You can reach us by clicking on the link, writing to us in confidence at info@georgeide.co.uk, by emailing our specialists directly, or by calling our Chichester offices on 01243 786668.


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