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Does buying directly from a developer make a difference?

Buying a new-build home directly from the developer brings many advantages and can prove to be a great option for help-to-buy and first-time buyers as well as for more established property owners looking for modern-style living.

However, this type of transaction can be complex and there are significant differences between buying your new home from a private owner compared with entering into a contract to buy from a building company. No surprise, then, that dealing with a developer demands a specialised approach to property conveyancing.

Put our proven track record to the test

Over the years, our experienced conveyancing professionals have built strong relationships with well-known local and national developers and have successfully acted for many buyers of new-build homes, helping their purchases run smoothly and ensuring their best interests remain paramount throughout the process.

We can liaise with your lending bank or mortgage provider to ensure the funds you need are available when you need them, as a lump sum or in instalments and, as a full-service law firm, we have access to a full-range of legal, financial and investment expertise to help you through the first few years in your new home – and beyond.

If you are considering buying from a property developer and would like more information about how our conveyancing experts can help, call us for initial, no-obligation advice on 01243 786668, email the property team at info@georgeide.co.uk or contact us directly using the details shown.


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