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Professional online wills service system

DPL Online system overview

The online DPL Professional Will Service allows us to offer Will writing services directly to clients 24 hours a day.

Click here to begin the online will writing process

The interactive questionnaire, with explanatory notes, guides clients to complete the interview and pay for the service online.

Help documents are provided by DPL Professional, to guide clients through each process.

Clients can pay for their Will with or without a PayPal account – PayPal non-members can simply pay by entering their credit/debit card details.

We can import Will interviews which have been submitted via the Online Service, at any stage of the interview process.

Will Systems – online

The DPL Professional online Will system is a fully featured, interactive Will drafting system developed using the DPL Professional ‘KBX’ technology.  The system provides an intelligent interview questionnaire to collect information and automatically drafts the Will document.

Features of the system include: