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Prenuptial agreements in family law

For many prospective spouses the thought of a pre-nuptial agreement is pessimistic, unromantic and possibly considered only necessary if you’re very rich or famous. However, anyone with an inheritance at stake or independent wealth to protect should view the drawing up of a pre-nup or pre-civil partnership agreement as part of their standard financial planning package.

A properly drawn up prenuptial agreement, where each spouse has received full and effective legal advice, where no coercion has taken place and no dependants are left potentially disadvantaged as a consequence of the pre-nup’s contents, is likely to be looked upon favourably by the family law courts when ordering a financial settlement on divorce.

Each divorce case will be looked at individually, but, as a prospective spouse, if there are family heirlooms which you wish to keep as your sole property, or you have a family business which you wish to retain in your sole family name, then a prenuptial agreement is one way you can seek to achieve these goals.

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