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Helping those unable to help themselves

At George Ide we are committed to helping vulnerable members of society who are unable to manage their own affairs as a result of mental incapacity.

Our dedication and passion run deep – our team includes a highly-respected mental health lawyer who has amassed a wealth of experience working in this complex and sensitive field, as well as a court-appointed deputyship solicitor, approved by the Court of Protection to act as a deputy on behalf of clients and their families.

On your side in the court of protection

Our mental health solicitors regularly provide high-quality, expert advice and support in Court of Protection matters. We are experienced in helping protect the welfare of vulnerable adults and children across the UK – our expertise includes protecting those suffering from impaired mental health who have had their rights infringed, perhaps in relation to their freedom or civil liberty, or have been denied their preferred medical treatment.

Why choose us?

Uniquely-placed in our local area to provide an extensive range of highest-quality niche services for mentally-incapacitated clients and those who are seeking to protect the welfare interests of vulnerable loved-ones, our second-to-none reputation is well-deserved.

We have helped many elderly and mentally infirm patients with their wills, offered inheritance tax planning support, advised on sound lasting powers of attorney and the setting up of trusts to protect clients’ assets and help them provide for a financially-secure future.

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients personally and forging the strong relationships we believe are essential in order to represent your best interests in everything we do.

As a valued client of our leading full-service law firm, you will also have access to extensive and dependable legal and financial expertise from professionals you already know you can trust. We can help with will-writing, for example, as well as personal injury and property matters – and our fully-qualified financial advisors can provide you with dependable investment advice.

Problems travelling?

And, because we understand circumstances can make it difficult for you to get out and about, talk to the team about making arrangements for us to visit you.

We work extensively in our local area and beyond, to make sure you are not left high and dry without support. Simply contact the team to discuss a suitable meeting place, whether it’s a residential home, a hospital, or your own home.

Getting started

If you feel you need legal representation on a mental health matter or are worried about a mental health issue concerning a loved-one, contact us as soon as possible – timely advice, given in confidence, can make all the difference.

For more information about mental health law and to find out how our expert team can help, call us on 01243 786668 or click here. Alternatively, you can email us at info@georgeide.co.uk or contact us directly using the details shown.


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