Paul Fretwell has been our solicitor now for 8.5 years and has been dealing with the case for AB (our son) who sustained a head injury in 2012 due to a car accident.

Over the years we have come to rely on Paul’s expert opinion and knowledge of brain injuries to help us understand A’s behaviours and needs.

Paul has been a massive support to us and our whole family since A sustained life changing injuries, as you can imagine, it has been an uphill battle for us and we had no idea or understanding of the challenges to come or how to even start to put in place all the support A needed and still needs today.

A now has his Support Worker, D that Paul put in place, which to be honest, has been a godsend to the family and A.  A has a great relationship with D, and we will be eternally grateful.  D helps A with day to day challenges that most people take for granted and A now feels D is a friend as well as his mentor and “life coach”.  A also has an OT that visits his home to check he is doing ok and guide him in day to day tasks etc.

Paul has always been a phone call away at any time, he is very patient and understanding, his friendly approach to the whole family means we feel we can be very open and frank with him.  Although all the legal “jargon” is very hard for us to understand, Paul is and has always been massive support, he explains in detail every word and meaning and why certain steps need to be taken to help A’s case.

We will always be eternally grateful to Paul and George Ide Solicitors.

Paul Fretwell