Compensation news - Family of biker who was in fatal crash to receive settlement

Two young boys who lost their father in a motorcycle crash in January 2007 are to receive road traffic accident compensation.

The man, who was 42-years-old at the time, had been riding his Kawasaki motorbike along a road in Wandsworth, London, when he collided with a BT van.

The van driver had been undertaking a three-point turn in slow-moving traffic and failed to see the rider approaching. As a result the biker sustained fatal personal injuries.

Now, the BT driver and his employer have admitted liability for the crash, meaning that the rider's widow and his two sons, aged 11 and six, could receive road traffic accident compensation totalling £1 million.

The actual sum has yet to be decided upon and is likely to be discussed in a separate court hearing unless a settlement is agreed prior to the hearing.

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