A285 collision results in two dead and four injured

A serious car accident on the A285, at the junction of Selhurstpark Road and Upwaltham, has resulted in the death of two individuals as well as personal injury to four others.

Reports state that just before 11pm last Saturday evening, two cars collided into each other between Petworth and Goodwood. The reasons behind the road traffic accident are not yet clear and are being investigated.

Subsequent to impact, one of the vehicles caught alight, but the driver and passenger thankfully managed to exit the car shortly after this occurred. They were taken to Saint Richard's Hospital in Chichester for medical treatment.

Two elderly female passengers in the other vehicle involved were sadly pronounced dead at the scene. The driver and third passenger in this car were found severely injured and were taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. They remain in a serious condition.

Police are asking for any witnesses to the car accident to come forward, so that they might determine the cause of the collision.

Any individuals injured in the crash, as well as any family members of the deceased passengers, might choose to claim compensation for their pain and suffering from the liable party – if a person, organisation, or company is found responsible.

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