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Wills solicitors observe over-60s divorce rise

28th November 2011

These figures, which were disclosed following a parliamentary question, reveal that there has been a four per cent rise in so-called “silver separations” in the past two years – at a time when there seems to be a drop in the divorce rate for couples in other age groups.

With many of these over-60s divorcees going on to find new partners, resulting in new marriages and sometimes new families, the question of what happens to estates is an interesting one. As wills solicitors and family law lawyers know, two separate but equally interested families is a sure-fire recipe for dispute, contention and a contested will.

However, many say that is important not to begrudge the over-60s for apparent selfishness and that we should instead applaud them for their bravery and conviction in starting afresh at a time when they are moving into the ‘twilight’ of their lives.

A spokesperson from over-50s group Saga comments, “We are really witnessing a major social revolution, with older generations no longer behaving in the traditional manner.

“The baby boomers are redefining life at older ages. That includes re-evaluating their relationships and deciding to start again.

“They realise there is still time for new horizons and new perspectives.”

The spokesperson did concede, however, that divorce and separation can be “distressing” for children, even if they are well into adulthood themselves.

And there is a very real concern that as a result of this trend, in just a couple of decades wills solicitors could be dealing with a serious spike in cases involving contested wills.

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