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Introducing Law Call Plus

10th May 2012

Introducing Law Call Plus, a new scheme from George Ide LLP to make your life just that little easier. It is simple to join, has a wide range of client benefits, and is totally free of charge.

The principle behind the scheme is simple. We want to be more proactive for our clients, raising issues which perhaps should be considered by that client, rather than waiting until we are approached.

The benefits of joining the scheme include: free initial legal consultations, discounts and set fees, free storage of wills and powers of attorney, free registration of will on a national database, free storage of deeds, legal newsletters, free asset log, and free will reviews.

We seek to be more supportive, in general day-to-day life as well as during a crisis, and to assist our clients in planning ahead for a more secure future.

We can also look after all “Life’s Documentation” for our clients, ensuring that the exact location of Wills, Trusts, Deeds, Living Wills, Enduring or Lasting Powers of Attorney are known and, if appropriate, copies can be kept by us.

The achievement of these aims is greatly helped by Law Call Plus, our Client Registration Scheme, which also provides clients with a security card informing anyone seeking to help them, for example after an accident. If you are interested in signing up to this scheme or would like more information please do contact us or join up here.

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