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Be clear about children in wills say solicitors

21st June 2012

The truth, however, as any experienced historian or solicitor for wills will tell you is that there has never actually been a time when a “traditional” family structure reigned supreme – instead, although particular dynamics might have been more prevalent at certain times in history, the family has always been a fluid structure encompassing all kinds of dynamic, circumstance and vicissitude.

For example many people are brought up by one or more non-biological parent. These parents or guardians, often stepparents, frequently view all in their care, whether biological or non-biological children, as their own, loving and treating them with equal care and affection.

However, when asking solicitors for wills to draft a will it is important that these parents remember to be explicit in outlining their wishes for their children.

This is because testators frequently state that they “will leave everything to my children”, a statement far too ambiguous for those who have both biological and non-biological children.

In short, what you regard as your child may not be regarded as such by the law, so always be clear when instructing solicitors for wills.

Aside from ensuring the future of those you love, it will also help prevent any unnecessary contested will or probate battles.

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