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Criminals committing more crimes

13th July 2012

Yes, it has been revealed that a large number of criminals, released early from prison, went on to commit a number of different petty crimes while on curfews and being electronically tagged.

Official figures were released after inspectors found that of the tagged offenders who had breached the terms of their curfew, including those who had committed crimes, more than 50% went unpunished.

Under the Home Detention Curfew Scheme, those prisoners whose sentence is less than four years can be allowed out of prison up to 135 days early, as long as they are fitted with an electronic ankle tag which is triggered if the offender ventures out during their 12 hour curfew time.

A Ministry of Justice study on re-offending found that of the 11,532 scheme participants in 2009-10, 413 re-offended – committing 668 offences between them.

Of the offences committed, 32.5% were summary, including motoring offences, 27.2% involved theft or handling stolen goods, while 15% were drug-related crimes and 6.3% included violence.

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