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The Mayan’s got it wrong. Get it right with George Ide

03rd January 2013

With this in mind, why not make 2013 the year that you get your affairs in order and make a Will.

According to statistics, many adults in the UK continue to put off estate planning tasks and this leaves them open to the risks of dying intestate (without a Will to specify who gets what of their wealth and belongings). UK laws on intestacy dictate that the state will decide who benefits after a person dies without a Will and this can often cause stress and heartache for those involved.

Drawing up a Last Will and Testament is always a good idea and doesn’t have to be too costly or involved. If your estate is small, perhaps a mortgaged house and some savings, then George Ide’s online Will writing service will be perfect for you. It can be completed solely over the internet and we will keep the legal document safe, if you so wish.

For more information on George Ide’s professional online Will wiring system please click here.

Alternatively, to speak directly to estate planning solicitors who can help you draft a bespoke Will and help with complex issues such as the mitigation of Inheritance Tax, etc, please click through to our Probate and Wills pages where you will find contact details and information regarding our solicitors for Wills.

So, as we head triumphantly into 2013, why not make this the year when you finally make that Will. George Ide’s solicitors are here to help.

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