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West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service issue smoke alarm warning

18th February 2013

However, becoming the new owner of a property comes with another challenge – keeping your home, family, and belongings within safe.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is urging home owners to test their smoke alarms, after two people in the area lost their lives in separate incidents last year in March.

Both smoke alarms in these people’s properties had the batteries removed. If the alarms had been operational the individuals who sadly died, might have survived.

A spokesperson for the service warned, “It is easy to be complacent and imagine a fire won’t happen to you but statistics prove otherwise.”

They added that a person caught in a house fire might inhale as little as two or three breaths of smoke before falling unconscious and that a person is “more than twice as likely” to lose their life in a fire if they do not have a working smoke alarm.

As conveyancing solicitors in West Sussex, here at George Ide we’re hoping that everyone takes heed of the warning and makes sure their alarm is operational so that 2013 can be free from preventable tragedy.

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