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TUC fears workplace safety may deteriorate

10th June 2013

However, it has been suggested that accidents in the workplace could become more common due to budget cuts. The Trades Union Congress (TUC) recently criticised the government, with a spokesman stating that it seemed “determined to water down health and safety laws”.

In addition, the TUC claimed that many health and safety officials were trying to complete their jobs with reduced funding. Consequently, these professionals may have had to make fewer workplace inspections – a move which could adversely affect many staff members.

A report allegedly claimed that the number of fatal accidents at work will not decline until health and safety legislation is adequately enforced. Managers are usually ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of their staff members.

The TUC’s concerns may be valid, but, as the report mentioned above shows, it can be argued that inspections would not be needed if all employers simply adhered to the requirements of British health and safety law – something which could dramatically cut accidents within the workplace.

Moreover, if a company has a good health and safety policy, the HSE states it could also experience other benefits, such as a reduced employee turnover, increased worker productivity, and might acquire a better reputation amongst shareholders as well as investors. In addition, managers may be less likely to face legal action from individuals attempting to claim workplace accident compensation.

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