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The importance of health and safety legislation

05th September 2013

For example, health and safety legislation – according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – is about correctly managing risks, not stopping “essentially sensible” activities from taking place.

Yet, when a “ridiculous” decision is made, the HSE states that this undermines the organisation’s efforts – potentially making it harder for them to prevent staff members and individuals from sustaining personal injury.

In order to challenge these decisions, the HSE set up the Myth Busters Challenge Panel. If someone believes health and safety legislation has been implemented incorrectly, they can complain to this independent group who should then investigate and eventually reach a verdict.

It appears that a group of tenants may be able to benefit from the services of this panel after a recent health and safety decision reportedly left them feeling “furious”. According to reports, these residents – living in a high-rise block of flats in Leeds – were told to remove their doormats from outside their dwellings as they constituted a “health and safety hazard”.

However, earlier this year, the HSE commented on a similar situation which occurred in Leicester, stating, “there are no health and safety regulations prohibiting the use of doormats outside flat doors”. Therefore, the independent watchdog may be able to resolve this more recent, and possibly incorrect, decision.

Although stories such as these can make entertaining reading, they threaten to undermine what health and safety legislation truly stands for – preventing employees and members of the public from experiencing harm during accidents.

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