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Coronation Street brain injury storyline

26th September 2013

Coronation Street recently began a storyline about brain injury which has made some fans of the show relive their own head injury experiences, as well as having them on the edge of their sofas.

When an argument over an extramarital affair flares up between half-brothers David Platt and Nick Tilsley in the van belonging to Nick’s Bistro bar, David grabs the wheel of the vehicle and causes a serious road traffic accident.

The result is that Nick suffers a severe head injury and is left in a coma in hospital. Spoiler alert! As if this was not dramatic enough, it has been leaked that in following episodes, Nick will wake up but will not be the same man as before.

Reportedly, the storywriters plan on making Nick suffer from a change of personality as well as other behavioural issues. This will lead to problems with family and friends.

Series producer Stuart Blackburn states, “Leanne [Nick’s wife] is going to be living with a man who isn’t the man she married, and may never be that man again. Nick has brain damage and when people get such injuries, sometimes their partners say, ‘I’m not his wife anymore – I’m his carer’. So we want to play that as realistically as possible.”

These symptoms are sadly suffered by some of the people who sustain brain injuries, and can often cause great stress to everyone involved with the accident victim.

Apparently the Coronation Street storyline has led to some former patients contacting hospital-based support groups after having memories triggered by the drama.

A nurse at Southampton General Hospital believes that this sudden contact, in some cases many years after an accident, means that “nationally, there is a desperate need for much more emphasis on dealing effectively with the after-effects of time spent in intensive care.”

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