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Khan can box, insurer can breathe

13th November 2013

Fortunately, the British boxing sensation escaped serious lasting injury, but commentators have been unable to stop themselves from asking the inevitable “what if”: what if Khan had sustained a more long-term back injury and been unable to continue his boxing career – just how much car accident back injury compensation might he have been entitled to?

As any fan of boxing knows, big fights involving the major names such as Khan are routinely worth millions and even a supposedly “minor” injury such as whiplash could pose serious problems to a boxer’s hopes in the ring.

With back injury car accident compensation settlements frequently providing compensation for lost earnings, a back injury claim by a fighter such as Khan is the kind of thing every motor insurance company in the world might dread. However, of course, that is one of the reasons why premiums are so high for those with the highest earnings, whether they are Premier League footballers, actors and actresses, or quick-fisted boxers such as Khan.

Speaking of money, “Money” is exactly where Khan’s attention is next turning to, with Flloyd “Money” Mayweather reportedly lined up as Khan’s next opponent.

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