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Who will buy Bantham?

27th November 2013

By contacting residential conveyancing solicitors you can greatly reduce the stress involved, but it’s nice to find somewhere you can settle in for the rest of your life, knowing that if you don’t want to move again you don’t have to.

So, who wants to buy a whole village?

The village of Bantham in Devon, currently owned by Evans Estates, will apparently be up for sale for £35 million in spring next year.

For that price tag the new proprietor would get the land, extensive grounds used for farming, the buildings – which include 25 homes and a shop – the popular surf beach, and the harbour.

For whoever might be looking to make this type of impressive purchase, this village might seem like the perfect investment, but naturally the locals are worried by the future sale.

Many are concerned that they could lose their homes – some of which have been occupied by many generations of the same family over the years, and others of which have been lived in by the same tenant for more than six decades.

One of the villagers, who runs the shop with her husband, states, “Whoever buys it needs Bantham in their heart and that’s unlikely to be the case if it’s bought by a big clueless investment company.

“For all we know the new owners could bulldoze the village down and build high-rise flats or turn it into a Butlins.”

Evans Estates, a family business which has owned the village for many generations, will be missed by many.

The landlord of The Sloop, a pub in the village which is owned by a brewery and therefore not part of the sale, explains, “[Evans Estates] have always run the beach with an eye to keeping it very natural and unspoilt, and supported local businesses and families. We are very concerned that a new owner may not share the same attitude.”

The house purchase solicitors at George Ide have their fingers crossed that Bantham goes to a company which understands the importance of keeping the village intact and the locals in place. Uprooting so many people who have made their lives there would be callous.

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