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Optimism over Chichester weather response

13th January 2014

However it is equally important that councils and private businesses do not become gung ho and court accident – something which could potentially lead to lengthy and expensive dialogue with personal injury solicitors.

As such it is important that flooded roads are kept open, but in a controlled way, where possible, but closed to traffic where they present a significant risk. Furthermore, employers must consider the necessity of demanding a full complement of faces in the office if they know there is a risk that they might become stranded en route, in the office or, worse, sustain injury in a train, bus or car accident.

There have been plenty of signs that those in the Chichester area are getting the balance right during this sustained period of difficult weather and that both unnecessary disruption and engagement with personal injury solicitors are being kept at bay.

For example, Pagham beach was very sensibly cordoned off after tides breached flood defences – potentially preventing the kind of near-miss (or worse) that was recently so chillingly captured on the seafront at Aberystwyth – while many sports matches have been cancelled, including football matches between Lancing and Chichester, East Preston and Selsey, and a number of fixtures in Bognor.

And, lastly, it is also good news that personal injury solicitors in Chichester are probably going to be dealing with fewer drink driving car accident cases than they otherwise might have – police have continued to build on their strong presence during the Christmas and New Year periods and have made further drinking driving arrests.

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