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Message from Headway West Sussex member, Sue French, ahead of the George Ide Ride on 2nd July

22nd June 2016

Dear Riders

My name is Sue French. I am a member of one of the Headway West Sussex’s groups. I want to wish you all the very best for your final preparations and I look forward to meeting you on the ride on 2nd July. I am sure that you will all look splendid in your lycra!

I would like to say a few words about our local Headway group and just what it means to me and the many friends that I have made there.  I know now that I am not alone. There is life after brain injury. The local Headway facilitator holds it all together, leads our groups, organises meetings and encourages a bond of friendship and togetherness from shared adversity. I know now that it not just me, and it is lovely to be with like-minded people. We are all the same. There are times when we struggle with our confidence, concentration, attention, but we are able to give ourselves a boost, have a laugh and relax together. The volunteers are tremendous and we are provided with support from a psychologist. We have various different talks upon memory, stress, dealing with loud noise etc. We laugh at the fact that we forget names, we do not feel sorry for ourselves, we all have “post its” around our houses and we are “all in the same boat”.  However, Headway West Sussex gives us a boost when we most need it so that we can look forward to life and dealing with day to day problems, situations. When we have someone come to visit to talk to us about a brain injury related issue, I nod in agreement and I look around the room and I see everyone else nodding as well; I find that tremendously reassuring.

I see it as, literally, a life saver that I have had the tremendous benefit and support from Headway West Sussex. I cannot imagine life without it. I usually look forward to our monthly group meetings, and we meet up in between, as little groups. I have made some great friends, and I am sure these will be friends for life.

We really appreciate all you are doing. Headway West Sussex really does need every single penny, to keep these centres open, so that we can continue to have our group meetings and have this vital support to enable us to lead a good life.

Thank you so much for everything that you are doing to raise much need funds for Headway West Sussex, all the very best and have a great ride!

Sue French

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