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Claims are nothing new say AVIVA

12th May 2011

Some of the earliest personal injury claims examined involved animals such as ferret and fish bites, but slips and trips were also occurring as the insurer found evidence of successful claims for a fall caused by a croquet hoop and an Irish pharmacist who received £33 in 1885 (around £1,594 today) after slipping on marble steps in a Turkish bath.

Rob Townend, director of property claims at Aviva said, “Obviously insurance claims change as lifestyles change, but some incidents appear to be as common back then as they are today.

One thing that’s changed, however, is the most common cause of the slip and trip personal injury claim, which in Victorian times was orange peel – a hazard which nowadays rarely features in compensation writs.

Mr Townend added “On the positive side it certainly seems that the workplace is a lot safer now than it was back then – the archives show claims from a grocer who was hit on the head by a box of bacon, a pork butcher who caught his hand in the sausage-maker and the publican who injured himself ejecting a drunken man!”

However, anyone who regularly visits the Health and Safety Executive’s website will know that workplace safety is still an issue and firms are regularly prosecuted and fined for breaches in regulations which have led to workers or the general public being endangered or hurt, and that these accidents often lead to personal injury claims.

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